Audience analytics and audience engagement

09.12.2020. / 11:14

The Annual USAID BMAP Media Forum was held in October this year. This Forum provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives from USAID's BMAP partner media outlets across the region to share best practices and lessons learned, deepen their understanding of global and regional trends, and seed or strengthen partnerships to advance solutions to common challenges in content production and content monetization in the digital environment.

Our partners had opportunity to hear and discuss about the latest trends and changes in journalism, with special focus on covid-19 pandemic.

Darjan Radenković presented aspects of analytics and audience engagements and its importance for media. In his presentation he spoke about common sense analytics and importance of the perception of analytics above numbers.

A Chief Marketing Officer at Brainster, an education company that offers career-changing trainings in the field of IT and digital skills. He is an experienced digital marketing specialist, lead instructor at Brainster's Digital Marketing Academy, and a marketing and communication consultant with experience in working with media among other industries. His main fields of interest are Education & Life-long Learning, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation & Data Analytics.

Here you can watch his presentation. The presentation is in English language.

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