Interactive content, development and video marketing

09.12.2020. / 13:43

The Annual USAID BMAP Media Forum was held in October this year. This Forum provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives from USAID's BMAP partner media outlets across the region to share best practices and lessons learned, deepen their understanding of global and regional trends, and seed or strengthen partnerships to advance solutions to common challenges in content production and content monetization in the digital environment.

Our partners had opportunity to hear and discuss about the latest trends and changes in journalism, with special focus on covid-19 pandemic.

Eldin and Lamija Herenda held presentation about how to do interactive content, development, and video marketing. They said that branding is crucial, because it is matter of recognizability, consistency and targeting/communication.

Lamija Herenda is a multimedia director by profession, obsessed with new ideas. Her love towards storytelling started when she was a teenage TV actress. After a colorful career and many vibrant experiences, she finally discovered her true calling in the creative industries. Today, she is excited to use all of her gained superpowers to make sure that there is a strong story behind those shiny wrappers.

Eldin Herenda is graphic designer. His biggest challenge was designing the Libyan Pavilion for Shanghai Expo in 2010.  His first logo was drawn on a piece of napkin, and actually sold like that when he was still in high school for the Arts in Sarajevo. Now, with almost 20 years of experience, he enjoys wrapping all of your brand, web and mobile projects into shiny wrappers that your users will be more than happy to eat up.

Watch their presentation below. The presentation is in English language.

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