Multimedia visual formats and storytelling

09.12.2020. / 14:09

The Annual USAID BMAP Media Forum was held in October this year. This Forum provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives from USAID's BMAP partner media outlets across the region to share best practices and lessons learned, deepen their understanding of global and regional trends, and seed or strengthen partnerships to advance solutions to common challenges in content production and content monetization in the digital environment.

Our partners had opportunity to hear and discuss about the latest trends and changes in journalism, with special focus on covid-19 pandemic.

Evliana Berani presented the importance of multimedia visuals and storytelling in media. Different formats in multimedia presentation, especially on social media has crucial role in todays presentation of media content. She said that journalists as storytellers need to be creative, to think visually, to inform and guide audience. The tech and social media can enhance our storytelling. So do the robots, she concludes.

Evliana has more than thirty-five years’ experience in local and international media as journalist, editor and media manager in print, radio, TV and now online media organizations. She is a multimedia producer and documentary maker, an inspiring coach, mentor, trainer and program manager. 

Watch her presentation below. The presentation is in English language.

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