Virtual or distributed newsrooms

09.12.2020. / 13:25

The Annual USAID BMAP Media Forum was held in October this year. This Forum provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives from USAID's BMAP partner media outlets across the region to share best practices and lessons learned, deepen their understanding of global and regional trends, and seed or strengthen partnerships to advance solutions to common challenges in content production and content monetization in the digital environment.

Our partners had opportunity to hear and discuss about the latest trends and changes in journalism, with special focus on covid-19 pandemic.

Lamija Alečković spoke about a new ways of work for newsrooms which came during a pandemic. Much of media work began to be virtual instead of physical. She has been speaking about challenges and how to overcome them.  

Lamija Alečković is a Digital Journalism Advisor for BMAP is a long-time journalist and news editor, former Head of the Croatian Radiotelevision’s News Media Service, and a former Executive Producer of Aljazeera Balkans. Last three years, she has been working on various regional projects as a media consultant focused on newsroom integrations, TV and digital production. She received the State Department’s PDY scholarship in 2007. and is the alumni of the Academy for Political Development.

Here you can watch her presentation. The presentation is in English language.

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