CLIMB Innovative products and approaches to increase media literacy

28.03.2023. / 11:45

Cultivating Local Independent Media in the Balkans (CLIMB)

Open to: Locally registered media outlets, media literacy organizations, and individual content producers from Alba-nia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia
Grant amount: $500 to $3,000 per award for media outlets and media literacy organizations, and up to $1,000 USD for individual content producers
Duration: Up to 3 months (Please note that project start dates are scheduled for May 2023)
Deadline for Applications: 11 April 2023 at 17:00 CET

Objective of the Call 

The goal of Internews’ Cultivating Local Independent Media in the Western Balkans (CLIMB) project is to improve access to useful and objective information in the Balkans by supporting local independent media outlets and enhanc-ing media literacy in the region through mutually reinforcing experimental activities that will address both the supply of and demand for high-quality information about issues of public importance. Internews will achieve this goal by providing long-term comprehensive support to selected independent media partners through data analytics ser-vices, technical assistance and content production grants; support for the implementation of experimental media literacy projects and their amplification through collaboration with independent media outlets; and regional gather-ings that foster increased cooperation and knowledge exchange between the media and media literacy communities in the Western Balkans.

To this end, Internews is seeking applications for projects that will support the development of innovative products and approaches to increase media literacy.

Who is eligible to apply?

This is an open-call funding opportunity under the CLIMB project. Media outlets, media literacy organizations, and individual content producers (e.g., students, freelancers, creatives, educators) from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia are eligible to apply.

What would be considered innovative products and approaches to increase media literacy?

The opportunity will stimulate the production of innovative products and approaches for reaching diverse audiences with targeted content designed to increase media literacy. New experimental formats could include educational online games, interactive stories, satire, quizzes, or content tailored to social media platforms (e.g., memes, TikTok videos), specifically targeting demographics who are vulnerable to disinformation and misinformation. Content should find novel approaches and creative formats to address aspects of media literacy such as critically analyzing sources, identifying manipulative tactics or understanding the various social, political or commercial implications of mass communication. Internews will prioritize funding for initiatives that target marginalized and vulnerable communities. Grantees and fellows will refine their ideas during mentoring sessions with Internews staff. 

Internews intends to provide from $500 to $3,000 USD per award for media outlets and media literacy organizations, and up to $1,000 USD for individual content producers.

What types of costs can the funding cover? 

These funds may cover the costs of labor, production, and small-equipment upgrades related to the objectives of the proposed project. All proposed budgets will undergo a detailed review process by Internews staff prior to approval.

How will the applications be evaluated? 

Applications submitted by both individuals and media outlets will be evaluated by an internal selection committee according to the following criteria: 

  1. Applicant’s capacity (20%)
  2. Production plan – quality of the proposed idea (40%)
    • What differentiates your proposal from others and makes it important, innovative, or interesting?
    • What is the expected timeline for delivery?
  3. Impact - reaching audiences (30%)
    • What is the potential of the proposed project to actively engage a broader audience, including marginalized and/or less informed audience groups?
    • How does your project actively engage general audiences in a new and creative way?
    • How will you disseminate and promote the produced content?
  4. Budget (10%)
    • What resources will you need? Provide us with an estimation of the costs associated with personnel engaged in the project, supplies and other direct costs essential for production under the proposed project.

How must the application be submitted? 

All applications must meet the following requirements:

  • Applications, including supporting documents, should be submitted in either a local language (Albanian, Bos-nian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian) or in English. 
  • All applications must be submitted by Tuesday, 11 April 2023, at 17:00 CET. Late applications will not be con-sidered. 
  • All applications must be completed and submitted within the designated Application form (Annex 1)
  • All applications should include a Detailed Budget using the provided Budget Template (Annex 2). Any applica-tions submitted without using the designated budget form will be disqualified.
  • Individual content producers applying to this opportunity must be citizens and residents of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, or Serbia. They must also submit a short CV. 
  • Legal entities applying to this opportunity must be registered in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, or Serbia. Please send a scanned certificate of registration. 
  • Applications and additional documentation must be submitted by email to with the subject line, “Innovative products and approaches to increase media literacy.


All questions regarding this grant call should be directed via email to  with the subject line “Inquiry on CLIMB media literacy.” Internews’ CLIMB team will work to assist you in shaping the best idea for support and polishing the administrative side of the application. Internews will not accept phone inquiries. 

Application Documents

Annex 1 - Application Form

Annex 2 - Detailed Budget Template



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