GOOD STORY FUND : USAID’s Media Engagement Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina (MEA)

24.05.2022. / 20:19

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Open to: Locally registered media outlets and individual content producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina
Grant amount for individual grants: Up to max. $2,950
Grant amount for media outlets: $5,000 - $15,000  
Duration: Up to 6 months. (Please note that the beginning of the project is scheduled for July 2022.)
Deadline for Applications: June 15th, 2022, at 17:00

Objective of the Call

The Media Engagement Activity (MEA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a five-year project with the goal of strengthening the information space in BiH. The purpose of MEA is to increase the availability of credible and professional information to a large population in BiH, particularly to audiences with traditionally limited access to it. The MEA program aims to foster a culture of learning and innovation, emphasizing a partner- and participant-led implementation approach based on the team’s extensive experience in BiH and the region at large. All activities are designed to be mutually reinforcing and build the sustainability of a stronger, more inclusive information space. MEA will support independent media and content producers by building their capacity to produce high-quality content, providing them with greater access to and understanding of relevant market research, improving their institutional digital security, strengthening local networks, and strengthening the overall legal enabling environment for journalists. At the local level, activities will build the capacity and interest of individuals in media as well as the capacity of smaller, less established outlets to ensure that local voices are heard.

USAID’s MEA aims to stimulate and support production of quality content that will help media in Bosnia and Herzegovina expand their audiences, inform them, and build trust with the public while reporting on public interest issues in innovative way. To this end, we are seeking applications for Good Story Fund (GSF).

What is Good Story Fund?

Good Story Fund is an open-call funding opportunity under USAID’s MEA open to journalists, media, activists, civil society organizations and individual content producers.  

The Fund will stimulate production of digital content of various formats, with preference given to projects that demonstrate a spirit of experimentation, seek to cross divides, and bring communities together, increase production quality, encourage collaboration across sectors and different media, and have the potential to inspire others to follow their lead. Special consideration will be given to project ideas that help increase the diversity of the content offering in the market or reach underserved audiences. The call will be issued twice a year for the duration of the project, and it will be informed by the ongoing context and developing priorities.

This fund is available for individual applications (up to $2,950) and media organizations (up to 15,000 each).

What do we mean by a “good story”?

We do not mean only interesting stories to read, listen to and watch. Whether it is an in-depth story, a documentary, an interactive story package or an investigative podcast series, a good story should also:

  • Target general audiences, but in a new and creative way;
  • Involve audiences in mindful public discourse by providing information critical for making informed decisions;
  • Address important social issues and engage marginalized and/or less informed audience groups in the dialogue;
  • Encourage audiences to devise potential solutions and get involved in addressing problems in ways that bring communities together;
  • Explore the potential for collaboration;
  • And/or promote diversification of the experiences and voices featured in media content.

For this call, we are seeking to support the production of content on topics relevant to the upcoming elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Such content may be focused on electoral campaigns or post-electoral processes, or look more broadly into the functioning of institutions, crucial reforms, obstacles to the country’s progress, or any other issues concerning the lives of citizens in the context of the elections.

What kinds of costs can grant cover?

These grants will cover the costs of labor, production, and related small-equipment upgrades. All proposed budgets will undergo a detailed review process by Internews staff prior to approval.

Examples of eligible costs under this grant call:

  • Time of staff members/consultants working the proposed project
  • Applicable fringe benefits (income tax; health insurance)
  • Materials and supplies needed to complete the project
  • Services needed to complete the project
  • Travel associated with reporting or audience research for the project

Indirect costs (those necessary for running the organization but which are not directly tied to the activities proposed in the grant application) may be eligible for reimbursement. Applicants may dedicate 10% of their proposed project budget to covering indirect costs. USAID’s MEA staff will work with applicants whose proposals are selected for grants to determine exact eligible costs.

These costs are NOT eligible under this RFA:

  • Capital expenditures
  • Rental costs
  • Tuition remission
  • Scholarships and fellowships
  • Stipends or subsistence allowances
  • Meal allowances for contractors, trainees, consultants, experts, etc. They are only allowable for staff.
  • Registration fees paid to or on behalf of participants or trainees (but not employees) in connection with conferences, or training projects
  • Construction

How will the applications be evaluated?

Media outlets or independent content creators are eligible to apply for support under Good Story Fund. Applications can also be submitted as a collaboration between two media outlets, or two content producers, with a clearly identified lead applicant.

Applications for Good Story Fund submitted by both individuals and media outlets will be evaluated by the internal selection committee according to the following criteria:

1.    Applicant’s capacity (20%)

2.    Production plan – quality of the proposed idea (40 %)

  • What differentiates your story from others and makes it important or interesting?
  • What is the expected timeline for production and deadline for delivery of the story?
  • What makes your proposal innovative?
  • How do you plan to effectively use multimedia and interactive elements?

3.    Impact - reaching audiences (30 %)

  •  What is the potential to actively engage a broader audience than such content currently reaches, including mar-ginalized and/or less informed audience groups?
  • How can you actively engage general audiences, but in a new and creative way?
  • How will you disseminate and promote the content?

4.    Budget (10 %)

  • What resources will you need? Give us estimation of engaged personnel, supplies and other direct costs es-sential for production

How must the application be submitted?
All applications must meet the following requirements:

  • Applications, including supporting documents, should be submitted in either a local language version or in English.
  • All applications must be submitted by Wednesday, June 15th, at 17:00 CET time. Late applications will not be con-sidered.
  • All applications must be completed and submitted within the designated Application form
  • Include a Detailed Budget using the provided Budget Template. (Annex 1) Any applications submitted without using the designated budget form will be disqualified.
  • For individual content producers applicants must be citizens and residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They must also submit a short CV, including links to sample work, and two reference contacts.
  • For legal entities, applicants must be registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please send scanned certificate of registration as Annex 2. Portfolio of previous relevant work (links) will also be required.
  • Applications and additional documentation must be submitted through the platform. Please see the link:

Technical difficulties with submission through the platform will not be considered an acceptable justification for late applications. We recommend that you submit your application well before the deadline so that you can troubleshoot
any issues and/or ask questions if you are having difficulty submitting through the web platform. Applications submitted via email will not be considered except in exceptional circumstances with the written permission of Internews grants staff.


All questions regarding this grant call should be directed via email to  with the subject line “Inquiry on MEA Good Story Fund.” Our Team will try to help you in shaping the best idea and polishing administrative side of the application. We will not take phone inquiries.

Reporting on Use of Grant Funds

Grants awarded as a result of this call will include programmatic and financial reporting requirements.  Narrative and financial reports will be submitted at least twice during the grant duration (progress report and final report), in English.

Documentation and Application


Good Story Fund Application

Budget Template


The USAID’s Media Engagement Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina (MEA) is implemented by Internews in partnership with FHI 360 and local partners.



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