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Ever since the test version of ChatGPT was released in November last year, we've seen a mushrooming of GenAI tools, discussed the potential for newsroom improvement, content improvement, revolutionizing marketing and advertisement strategies and so many more. Pročitaj više
The analysis of the media contents in the Western Balkans media shows a strong correlation with the patriarchal structures of power and ownership, lack of female expert voices, as well as a need to have more ready-made, tailored policies in place. Pročitaj više
Reflecting the global trend, women journalists in the Balkans experience more online attacks than their male colleagues. Pročitaj više
One of the barriers to better gender representation in the media in the Balkans is most certainly continuous gender inequality demonstrated in a wider aspect of every society of the region. Pročitaj više
Sustainability is the key topic for all sectors, but media and creative industries face particular challenges regarding their future due to market changes, fragmented audiences, low entry barriers. Pročitaj više
In the Balkan region, the second most targeted identity is based on gender. Sexism (expressed mostly against women) and misogyny are the most common forms of hate speech. Pročitaj više
The percentage of women employed by BMAP Forward key media partners stretches from more than 80% of all staff in some organizations to 17% in others. Pročitaj više
Participation of women in the media around the world is unequal. Women continue to be underrepresented and very often misrepresented in the global media including those in the Balkans. Pročitaj više
Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) assembled a large number of resources and tools to help you track Russian finances, oligarchs, sanctions, donations, investments, property, flights as well as links to tools for searches on certain topics, fact-checking and new information.  Pročitaj više