The Media Viability Accelerator helps the financial viability of media

04.09.2023. / 12:00

Microsoft, USAID and Internews are announcing a new public-private partnership to develop a Media Viability Accelerator to help independent media outlets around the world become more financially sustainable through access to market insights and business solutions. The new web-based platform will pool data from media organizations globally to enable independent newsrooms to discover what works for others and apply those learnings to their own business. 

Partnering with Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative for leading-edge data aggregation and visualization tools, the MVA will offer the kind of market intelligence that businesses need to be financially successful.

Participating media outlets will, free of charge, learn from a community of peers, access a multilingual tool that visualizes media performance data, and receive actionable daily alerts based on thousands of market and media sources. This may include lessons learned about how to stay viable in rural communities or examples of what worked managing through local changing economic conditions. 

Once launched, 500 independent media organizations worldwide will be able to use the Media Viability Accelerator to support their mission to provide the public with reliable information.

The MVA is for media outlets, funders, investors, technologists, consultants, accreditation bodies, media associations, researchers, academics and more.

During this year's USAID BMAP Forward Media Forum, Jason Lambert, Senior Director of Media Operations at Internews spoke in more detail about the Media Viability Accelerator and its utility for media organizations.

The presentation is in English, but you can include subtitles in these languages: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrian, Macedonian, and Albanian.

Listen to his presentation below:

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