Vanda Kučera: Seven trends in communication with brands and audiences

30.08.2023. / 10:30

Vanda Kučera, an expert in marketing and advertising, spoke at USAID's BMAP FORWARD 2023 annual media forum about trends in the media and marketing industry that already have an impact on society as a whole.

In the presentation, which the participants of this year's forum had the opportunity to follow, she talked about the media market in the Western Balkans, as well as the trends that shape that market and that affect the flow and dynamics of journalism.

We bring you the entire presentation where you can hear more about trends related to generative artificial intelligence, Web 3 transformation, continued use of short videos, personalization of services, and micro-influencing.

Vanda guides you through seven trends that you will need to focus on when communicating with brands and the public.

Watch and listen to her review below:

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