Our Heroines: Marijana Bojanić

17.03.2022. / 09:14

Throughout March Balkansmedia.org will present and celebrate just a few out of million women in media that are everyday breaking the barriers and paving the road for the younger generation of female journalists and media workers. In partnership with Lejla Ahmedspahić, one of the illustrators who worked on the project #ŽeneBiH we created six illustrations of amazing media workers in the Balkans in order to introduce you to women in media from your countries and countries from the region, and to share hope with younger generations of media workers that they are not alone, and that they have support and a foundation to build upon.

Marijana Bojanić is the Editor-in-Chief of Television Vijesti and Daily Press, which operates Vijesti's newspaper and online portal. Vijesti prides itself on its trusted brand; Television Vijesti is Montenegro’s most-watched channel, while the online portal has been the most-read in the country since it was established a decade ago. Bojanić graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and began her career as a journalist for the weekly newspaper Monitor in 1999. She has won a variety of awards, including recognition for investigative journalism from the the Institute for Media in 2005, the Iskra award for philanthropy in 2012 and an award for management in 2017. She does a lot of charitable work, is an ecology activist and a married mother of three.

After working at Monitor, Bojanić joined TV Vijesti in 2008. She recalls, “It was a challenge, to cross over from a weekly newspaper with a different rhythm and way of work to television and a much faster tempo.” She also notes that working in different forms of television journalism gave her satisfaction, but also presented new challenges. “I perceive my new job in the same manner,” Marijana says. She believes it is important to not be burdened by form or limited to doing the work that is “in her job description,” and she widens her duties and interests on her own. “I think it’s good for me, and also for the media house I work at,” she says.

Marijana notes that it’s not always simple to fit in everything, with a very active family life, including the time she dedicates to her sons David and Nikša, her daughter Iskra, husband, mother, friends, hobbies, as well as cooking, which is her favorite anti-stress therapy, and travel. In the end, Marijana says, “My schedule is always booked, and while it is very hard to do it all, I chose this way of life and I’m always searching for new challenges.”

Illustration Lejla Ahmedspahić
llustration Lejla Ahmedspahić

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