2nd Media Innovation Lab: Master Classes and Presentations

29.10.2019. / 12:42
Innovation Lab Master Class Speakers
Master Class / by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay
Innovation Lab Master Class Speakers

The Media Innovation Lab is an annual event that offers a creative, collaborative space where media professionals, designers, technologists, and others can come together to develop localized tools and projects that will help tackle challenges facing digital media across the Balkan region. After last year where we were trying to tackle the problem of information security, this year’s Innovation Lab theme will be: Innovation in Digital Content Formats. Apart from working together on innovation of digital content formats participants of the Media Innovation Lab will have an oportuinity to hear inspirational talks from different partners in the region. Apart from talks these experts will also provide expert support to selected teams driving one of the teams towards the goal of USAID's BMAP supporting their idea this year.

Master Class: Mite Kuzevski (IDEA SEE/Vidi Vaka) – Innovation in Digital Content Formats

Mite Kuzevski is Executive Director of Foundation for debate and education IDEA Southeast Europe and Founder of VidiVaka. Mite’s educational background is in journalism but he has spent the last decade on combining new and traditional media. He has been working as a consultant for communication and social media strategies for many international NGOs and companies. He established New Media Centar, a first NGO in Macedonia promoting the new media and use of new media. Also, he established 140.mk, a community website for twitter users from Macedonia and hash stats, a website for creating info graphics from specifics hash tag. He is providing trainings in Visual Storytelling to activists in the Balkans and worldwide and Digital Activism trainings worldwide for NGOs and activists.

Presentation: Ljubica Popovska (Radio Free Europe) – Targeting Younger Audiences

Ljubica Popovska

Ljubica Popovska is an experienced Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Photography, Music Videos, Camera and Videography. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in film and television director from New Bulgarian University. At the moment, Ljubica is working as a video editor in Radio Free Europe, North Macedonian Service.

Mentor & Presentation:
Valjon Ibraimi (New Moment marketing and advertising agency) – Content and Digital Marketing

Valjon Ibrahimi

More than 12 years of experience in marketing, product management, branding, marketing strategy digital marketing, marketing communications within big corporations both national and international in management positions. With proven record in creating new products and services in order to achieve company goals by generating more customers and revenues, and satisfy the stakeholders and clients by providing creative proposals and also campaigns for promotion of the brands understandable for the general audience.

Master Class: Daniel Evrosimoski (Radio MOF) – Audio and Video Podcasts

Daniel Evrasimoski photo

Daniel Evrosimoski is a graduated journalist. He works at Radio Mof, and has collaborated with many regional and international media as a correspondent. He treats multimedia journalistic content, mostly from the field of human rights, education, activism and ecology.

Master Class: Darjan Radenković (Brainster) – Facebook and Google Advertisement

Darjan Radenkovic

Darjan is Chief Marketing Officer at Brainster, as well as Lead Instructor of Brainster’s Digital Marketing Academy. His background is in communication & media, areas in which he has been working as an Assistant Professor for 3 years. He lead the Marketing team of Winner - Vienna Insurance Group for 6 years. Darjan’s main interest in the past 8 years has been the digital marketing, with emphasis on digital advertising, analytics and general strategy.

Mentor & Presentation: Imer Muhović (Independent expert) – Data Analysis and Data Journalism

Imer Muhovic photo

Imer Muhović is a bioinformatics engineer, currently based in Barcelona, at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), where he is working on visualizing the global abundance of marine microbes and constructing cloud based data analysis pipelines. When not pursuing hard science he likes to apply his skills to analyzing electoral data, fake news, and visualizing different publicly available datasets.

Mentor: Eldin Herenda


Bold, clean, and simple are his favorite words. He is dedicated to his work and does not plan to retire - ever! His biggest challenge was designing the Libyan Pavilion for Shanghai Expo in 2010.  His first logo was drawn on a piece of napkin, and actually sold like that when he was still in high school for the Arts in Sarajevo. Now, with almost 20 years of experience, he enjoys wrapping all of your brand, web and mobile projects into shiny wrappers that your users will be more than happy to eat up.
Web: https://www.reherah.com

Mentor: Lamija Herenda

A multimedia director by profession, obsessed with new ideas. Her love towards storytelling started when she was a teenage TV actress.
After a colorful career and many vibrant experiences, she finally discovered her true calling in the creative industries. Today, she is excited to use all of her gained superpowers to make sure that there is a strong story behind those shiny wrappers.



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